february 22, 2002.
okay, time to update this page. hi.

first of all, we're playing at the DNA lounge with stromkern, assemblage 23, and noxious emotion on april 7. tickets are now $14 in advance from unspun, and $17 at the door. sorry for the price increase, happened when a23 and noxious got added.

november 9, 2001.
there's a new show in oakland, one week from tomorrow, on november 17th. we'll be debuting two awesometacular new songs, so don't miss it!


we're going on late (we're "headlining", actually). it'll be an adventure, i promise.

we played in portland, OR with clear vision = cleaner = cleen (featuring daniel meyer of haujobb) and noxious emotion on the 23rd of september.
thanks to derek for hooking us up.

and in case you didn't hear, the snog show ROCKED. thanks to the cypher guys again. kick ASS.

here are a few reviews for it: zero magazine, SJ.
sfrivethead.com, review by DJ grimace.

august 6, 2001.
sorry for the extended lack of updates here. i've been busy with the deathline tour, which came to an untimely end when count 0 (deathline lead singer, the big german dude) was... *achem*... removed, shall we say, from the country against his will. long story short, US immigration sucks.

but on to the good news! see colin slash will be opening for SNOG on august 23rd at the justice league in san francisco. dude. this kicks ass. extra special thanks to the cypher productions crew (dave, ed, fernando, georgia, and mollie) for the hookup on that one. tickets are $16 in advance from unspun records. assisting us this show will be steve from deathline on guitar once again, adam on the drumkat, and sound/lighting by deathline sound/lighting guy jason. in the interests of honesty, i do want people to know that for this show, we'll be unable to maintain our usual 100% live electronics policy. wish it was otherwise, BUT rest assured that this will be our best show yet. and come on, it's snog. i doubt there are many of you out there listening to us who don't love snog.

also... look out for the first-ever see colin slash remix by myself (eric) on an upcoming stromkern release. it might (emphasis on the might) wind up on the special edition of the new album, but if not you'll see it on a single or EP or something some time soon. the track is called "my salvation". i think. i keep forgetting its title. but. it's a good song. it's gonna be fun.

on the record company/album front: we're presently negotiating a contract with COP international, and we're hoping to release the first album with them at the beginning of next year. excited? you'd damn well better be. we're about half-done with the tracks, and there will be some "celebrity" remixes as well. for a taste of what's coming, keep checking our mp3.com site for a new track within the next couple of weeks. we just have to decide which track it's gonna be... meanwhile you can request a veritable plethora of scs tracks on the sfrivethead jukebox, where the men are men and the women are all members of laibach. let us know what song you want uploaded! your options are:

whew. okay, i guess that's it for now.

march 11, 2001.
the show at 21 grand with rak.0 and 5,000 fingers rocked.
pictures here and here. there will be a better page for them soon.
if you haven't already, please visit the mp3.com site. every download from it helps us, albeit minutely.

october 20, 2000.
finally finished fixed quart of meat. download it from the audio page.

october 16, 2000.
completing recording of tracks performed live, including our acoustic cover of front 2:42's classic track, headhunter.
preparation for a possible live show which will probably take place in oakland, probably in december.
new sound files (including one complete track) to be posted soon. email us if you want us to let you know.

special thanks to all those who made it to our september show at the cactus.
there was a severe bout of illness on eric's part, and a few technological glitches,
but everyone had fun, and now we'll know exactly what to do for the next show.
and knowing is half the battle.

september 9, 2000.
catch see colin slash live at the cactus club in san jose on sunday, september 24.
doors open at 5, see colin slash plays at 6.
with dreams of the fall, secret secret, and more.
also check out the new hardcore remix in the audio section.

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