bands we dig:

deathline international.
the "supergroup" of the coldwave era. deathline has featured such notables as consolidated's mark pistel, numb's don gordon, all of battery at one time or another, and eric from see colin slash.

funky, uniquely american electro with a hip hop twist.

nerve factor.
think of it as trance with vocals and guitar. featuring sometimes SCS guitarist steve lam. special thanks to mo for letting us borrow the sampler!

come on. you know snog. you know you know them. kick-ass classic australian EBM act we had the pleasure of opening for in august.
semi-experimental, yet surprisingly palatable dark EBM.

noxious emotion.
they played with cleaner in portland with us. i prefer their older, harder stuff... but all you crazy kids who like your project pitchfork will dig the newer albums. i'd link to cleaner too... but the only page they seem to have up is the metropolis one, which kinda sucks.

psyclon nine.
fronted by eric's mysterious clone. hard-ass american EBM. kinda like VAC, but less silly. ok, not much less silly, but at least they don't sample star trek.

5,000 Fingers
weird. just weird. you can just taste the throbbing gristle.

eric met tom in a napster chatroom a long time ago, then got to play with them in pittsburgh with deathline. they have some truly incredible stuff. hard and bangy with female vocals. great songs.

other stuff we like:

COP nternational.
one of the last great american industrial record labels. home to deathline, nerve factor, chiasm, and pain station, among others. also US home to moev, dive, sonar, and birmingham 6! check out the DDT page for great prices on european import CDs, and the 23 Frankfurt pages for great trance compilations.

the onion.
baby, in case there is any doubt in your mind as to what time it is, please, allow me to break it down for you. it is time for you to get smooved.
there's an ongoing debate around here about whether or not this thing is for real. if anybody has successfully ordered from them, tell us.