See Colin Slash are an enigma wrapped up in a layer of gooey caramel and then smothered in rich milk chocolate, making for a thoroughly satisfying industrial-dance experience. Known for attempting such foolish feats as trying to smoothly integrate stylistic influences as diverse as powernoise and folk, as well as playing fully electronic concerts without the aid of prerecorded audio, SCS enjoy bragging about the fact that they had a minor hit in a single small club in San Francisco (and apparently one in New York, but we can't verify that) with the track Hardcore! in 1999. You don't even want to know how long it took to get that God-forsaken song recorded.     
        The first SCS CD, Command Prompt Music, will be available soon from their website at It will feature a brand-new remix of Hardcore! as well as a fine selection of unreleased songs, covering such hard-hitting highly politicized topics as Eric's lovelife, Greg's job at the vet's office, and children's pop culture in the 1980s. Shortly following that will be full CD covering a range of industrial classics, played entirely on acoustic guitar. You think I'm joking, but won't you feel like an idiot when it comes out. Then we will all point and laugh. "Ha ha HA!" we will say. Then there will be a brief song-and-dance number. Then cookies will be served.