february 23, 2007.

WE ARE BACK, JERKS. for one night only. details here. come visit us or pay the ultimate price. more details to follow.

january 17, 2005.

if you're curious as to what i ("i" being eric in this case) have been doing musically lately, check out everything goes cold. what i've been doing lately, unfortunately, does not include working on the see colin slash re-release stuff i've been promising. sorry, i'm lame, and this stuff is a pain in the ass.

august 2, 2004.

the site for greg's new solo project, mr. twit, is up and running at mrtwit.com. and his new CD is out. go. now. listen. i'm going to continue posting about greg and my respective endeavours here because i can.

as for me, i'm working on some new stuff which... isn't available yet, but i'm also working on the new deathline int'l album and i'm back out on the road with psyclon nine, which i'm also doing some writing for. check out the psyclon site for upcoming tour dates. we're hitting england, germany, and holland this month. woooo!

april 10, 2004.

i fixed some of the broken links on the audio page. incidentally, we've moved hosts. much love to our old host, besmirched, and to our new host, blackops. if anybody notices anything else quirky from the switch, lemme know.

march 23, 2004.

tonight's the release party at meat. greg and i will be in attendance. the dvds are done! if you ordered one already, it's on its way, oh and by the way, if you'd LIKE to order one, you can paypal me at eric-at-seecolinslash.com and we'll hook it up. $12 if you'll pick it up from me in real life, $5 for shipping if you'd like it shipped to you elsewhere.

you jerks had better appreciate all the hard work we've done on this, slaving all day over a hot computer. and what thanks do we get? day in and day out, nothing but grief and aggravation from you kids.

this post brought to you by my grandmother.

march 1, 2004.

yeah, that's right. i'm updating, after a full year of this page being COMPLETELY STATIC. now those of you using urlwatcher or whatever will be MOMENTARILY BAFFLED. anyhow, in case anybody didn't hear: yeah, we broke up. sorry. greg has relocated to a more elixir-of-life-friendly locale, and adam has begun training as a member of the canadian mounted police force. leaving me here to freeze to death because it was hailing today in oakland [edit: that was today when i started writing this, which was actually last week]. what the hell.

anyhow, the good news is that we actually have something coming up despite the broken-upness factor. on wednesday, march 24th, we'll be having a release party for the DVD of our final show at MEAT (phsycially located at dna lounge, appropriately enough.)

the DVD features control theory and black snake moan's complete performances from that fateful evening one year ago tomorrow, as well as both our acoustic and electronic sets. we did a few songs we'd never done before or after, we had some neat special guests, all the electronics were live, it was good times, and the DVD has captured the best parts of the show, but takes out some of the crap like me blabbering on and on for untold minutes and the usual breaks to figure out why everything's broken in the middle of the show.

the preview showing of the DVD highlights will take place between 9:30 and 10, so get there early, dammit. we'll also have the discs on hand for sale. if you plan on buying one, please either memorize the brand and model number of your DVD player, or check here ahead of time to find out whether you'll need a DVD+R or DVD-R disc. many DVD players will only play one or the other, and these are burns (yeah, i know. but somehow i don't think we'll be selling 1000 of these any time soon, especially considering the band is broken up,) and we don't want you stuck with something that won't play.

then everybody loses. and you don't want that, do you?

more soon.

february 20, 2003.

official see colin slash shirts will be available on thursday, just in time for the last show. WOO. TASTE OUR TIMELINESS. there are two designs: yellow on a red shirt and green on a black shirt. shirts are $15 in person; a little more to havem shipped, once i found out how much that'll cost me. if you want one and you're not going to see me, let me know and i'll see what i can do. they're being printed at a VERY limited number, and sizes and colors are going -quick- so let me know what size and color you want asap. we've got S through XXL, but in very small quantities of each. i'm takin' preorders, and we'll have them at the show.

february 17, 2003.

we've got one more show before the final show, in portland at the backroom. this coming friday, february 21st. look here for more info.

also, we'll be joined on march 2nd by control theory, featuring members of dreams of the fall, ironically the guys who hooked us up with our very first show. go figure.

...lastly, a not about the march 2 show: we'll be playing two sets. one before black snake moan, and one after. this means you MUST GET THERE EARLY if you want to see our whole show. and believe me, you do. january 30, 2003.

*bzzt* can you call me back? *bzzt* we're breaking up.

see colin slash will be playing our absolute last ever final farewell show on sunday, march 2nd, at the DNA lounge in san francisco. opening will be black snake moan and another band TBA.

tickets are $10. the show is 21+, which i apologize for. we worked really hard to try and get an 18+ show, but it's just impossible in this city.

we'll be playing all live electronics (no backing tapes!), and you'll hear at least one totally new song you've never heard before.

there will be a limited number of t-shirts and CDs available at the show, and possibly on this website as well. watch for it.

see you at the show.

november 5, 2002.

the TMI compilations are in, and should be available soon from the unmediated website. heaping pudding-mountains of thanks once again to erica for making it happen. the compilation contains a new extended version of "you and your commie friends" as well as tracks by our friends unwoman, d.compose, control theory, and exclipsect. good stuff.

right now we're dealing with label crap, trying to figure out how we're gonna release the damn album already. meanwhile, we'll release some more mp3s, although i haven't decided which yet. check back here for the next few days. be sure to check out the haujobb/hocico show at slim's in san francisco on the 26th, for which i'll be playing in psyclon nine.

august 15, 2002.

it's official! as some of you have no doubt already heard, the album will include a remix by none other than the mack daddy of obscure sexual innuendo in industrial band names himself, daniel myer of haujobb. i won't tell you the song he asked to remix, but it's probably not what you'd expect.

i'll also be picking up an excellent remix of "elephant" from dj [e]rror and alex vasquez of exsilium a little later today. you might have already heard the mix if you've been hitting up dj [e]rror's club, counterstrike lately.

finally, i've got word that the unmediated compilation, entitled "too much information", should be available mid-october. there will probably be a release party or two in san francisco, possibly with bands from the comp playing. we'll let you know.

june 6, 2002.

alert: an exclusive extended mix of you and your commie friends has just been completed for the new unmediated records compilation. apparently there are going to be some "big" names on there too, including at least two of our fine remixers. we'll keep you updated.

may 8, 2002.


welcome to the new, significantly less assy seecolinslash.com.

lots going on over here. our latest show was at the extra-spiffy new dna lounge, where we had an excellent show with assemblage 23, noxious emotion, and stromkern. we opened the show with two brand-new acoustic covers: "night riders" by stromkern (which the band seemed to enjoy!), and "another world" by beborn beton. we'll be posting a new live version of "hardcore!" [gak] from that show shortly.

we'll be taking a brief perfomance hiatus while greg researches the elusive elixir of life over the summer. meanwhile, eric will be making the final preparations for the new album, working on some new material, and performing with psyclon nine.

the new album will feature reworked and remastered versions of our current songs with much higher audio fidelity, and remixes from power-noise guru exclipsect, nerve factor mastermind and deathline international co-conspirator MO, noisy east-coast weirdo replogen, and local cello-wielding freak unwoman, amongst others. extensive repairs and mastering for the new album have been handled by john, aka netik, to whom we are greatly appreciative.

that's about it for now. if you want old news, there's something very wrong with you. but you can still click here if you really want it that badly.