"side projects".
mr twitgreg's solo work.
everything goes colderic's solo work.

deathline internationalbig scary industrial supergroup features eric on guitar, live percussion.
psyclon ninewhat eric has spent most of his time on for the last couple of years. complex industrial music with an orchestral black metal edge. eric does programming, and sometimes live bass and keyboards.
ayriaelectropop that occassionally features eric on keyboard live.

bands we've played with.
5,000 fingersexperimental industrial, ala the old school.
assemblage 23futurepop with vocals in an uncomfortably low register.
cleen/cleaner/clear visionhey. it's daniel myer. the haujobb guy. come on.
dreams of the fallnow disbanded reformed as the much cooler control theory.
noxious emotionproject pitchfork-inspired seattle band with fire on stage!
rak.0mostly instrumental EBM with an experimental edge.
snogaustralian anarchist anti-corporate propaganda.
stromkernspace coyotes.
unwomanpowernoise + cello + female vocals. completely weird.

other people we like: bands.
babylandour inspiration for live shows.
exclipsectkick-ass progressive powernoise.
nerve factorcoldwave with a shot of trance.
replogenwacky harsh, yet amazingly listenable noise.
soil & eclipseedgy industrial/synthpop blend.

other people we like: not bands.
COP Internationalrecord label for deathline international and nerve factor, amongst others.
sfrivetheaduh. uh. uh. uh. uh. uh. uh. uh. uh. uh.
the DNA loungeplace we've played several times that is BETTER THAN YOU.
the onionbaby, if only you will come back to me on this day...
TV go homethe kilroy team would like to speak to you.