this bio seemed really funny when i wrote it when i was like 21. i'm leaving it here because i'm too lazy to write anything else. i hate you, and you're not my real dad.
see colin slash.
greg dunn, eric gottesman, adam weinberger.
dance-oriented industrial with a sense of humor and an old-school edge; also folk. no, we're serious about that. really. go listen to the mp3s.
food of the gods, the first see colin slash album. available directly from us in fall of 2002.
infamous for the ironic EBM track "hardcore!", which has become a favorite at goth/industrial clubs across the globe. also infamous for meticulous acoustic versions of tired industrial club "hits", which will be released on their own full length CD later this year.


aah, see colin slash. where will your shenanigans lead you next? to the depths of a fiery volcano? to the highest peak of the himalayas? to the corner, to contemplate what you've done? perhaps to the store, because we're out of milk.

where ever their travails may lead them, it is the purpose of this document to record places to which they have already been led, like so many sheep, cattle, and apoptygma berzerk fans before them. but has see colin slash, nay, have any of these fine examples of evolution truly been led? or have they commanded their own fate?

our story begins here. actually not here. our story begins over there [narrator points to los angeles, california], where eternal pessimist and cat-loving shut-in gregory dunn met self-congratulatory schmooze-master eric gottesman at a guitar center in los angeles, during the summer of 1998. the two struck up a brief conversation centering on their impeccably well chosen my life with the thrill kill kult t-shirts, and resumed shopping, never to see each other again.

wait, that's not right.

well, it's half-right.

they did continue shopping.

they also eventually saw each other again at a mess hall at UC berkeley, where they soon began recording the very first incarnation of "hardcore!" by winter of that year. after spending an unfathomably long time recording, re-recording, and re-re-recording the song in various studios with various producers, the two eventually gained enough technical know-how to record on their own, and finally put an end (mostly, or at least for a while) to the song's endless reincarnation schedule by recording it themselves.

this finally freed them up to work on other songs, and by fall of 2000, they (barely) had enough material to perform live. and so, with the aid of caustic-as-all-hell guitarist dan lennon, they played a small premiere show at a rather unlpeasant and small club in san jose, with all electronics triggered live by hardware sequencers in loops, and eric almost unable to move, ravaged by the throes of mononucleosis.

the band took a brief hiatus while eric toured with deathline international, and see colin slash played a slightly better show at an art gallery in oakland in february of the following year, with almost-effeminately glamorous deathline and nerve factor guitarist steve lam, and unbelievably hairy drummer mike biehn.

by this point, the band's popularity was picking up, and immediately following deathline's infamous "deportation 2001" tour that summer, eric rejoined SCS to open for australian hippy freaks snog in san francisco at the largest see colin slash show yet, with sombrero-wearing bandalero adam weinberger on drums.

alright, this bio is getting unbelievably long, and i totally can't believe you're still reading it. you must be really bored. anyhow, then they played with haujobb side project cleaner/clear vision in portland, oregon, then another show in oakland, then with cheese eating surrender monkeys stromkern, laibach-voiced assemblage 23, and kitten-killers noxious emotion at a wildly successful show at san francisco's spiffy new DNA lounge in april of 2002. their first album, food of the gods, has been produced with help from informatik collaborator john adams, and will be self-released later this year.

then eric finally got around to rewriting the bio. the end.