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you and your commie friends

quart of meat.
headhunter 1969 (live)
note to the uninitiated: headhunter was originally recorded in 1988 by front 242, and after being played absolutely to death for more than ten years, was remixed by every ebm band on the planet for no readily apparent reason, and released as a massively unnecessary single called headhunter 2000. it's the freebird of industrial dance music. the version presented here is actually an attempt to point out just how silly and useless such a self-serving masturbatory promotional item really is. don't get us wrong, we love front 242 (or eric does at least), but come on!

update: somebody (i won't mention who) brought it upon themselves to send this track to patrick codenys, and he approves. WE FEEL SPECIAL!

hardcore remix.
quart of meat. (dumb lyrics)
grid. (greg's vocals)

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